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Helping business owners have their
Best Year Ever in Business

My purpose is to help business owners to have their Best Year Ever in Business – which is a compelling thought, right? The idea that the next 12 months could be the best year ever in your business life.

At IPS Coaching I help business owners to set their big goals, create action plans for those goals and work on the step by step actions needed to deliver their best year ever.

The main outcomes from my coaching are more of your best customers, higher sales, more profits and less time stress.

This makes it sound so simple, so a big part of what I do is to understand what gets in the way. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but some of the areas we work on with business owners are;

  • How to identify and focus on the top 5 priorities to grow your business over the next 12 months;
  • How to maintain consistent positive action for you (and your team);
  • The reasons why people procrastinate and how to avoid the 4 steps of failure;
  • The theory behind the multiplier effect and how to make it work for your business;
  • How to turn potential and good ideas into profitable action;
  • How to develop a consistent mindset of excellence
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A little bit about me

Ian Spink

For many of the first 30 years of my working life I was a banking specialist but first and foremost I see myself as a lifelong learner. Why did I leave banking to move into coaching? Easy, really: being a professional business coach allows me to work with real people on a daily basis and make a positive difference to their businesses and their lives. It’s as simple as that.
Since starting IPS Coaching I’ve worked with over 50 business owners and as well as being a fantastic experience I’ve gained a huge amount of practical knowledge about small business growth and improvement. I’ve also continued my personal development and training in association with Quantum Leap Business Advisors, which is now helping me deliver even better results through the Quantum Leap Business Acceleration Programme.
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