The Benefits

of using a professional
business coach

Starting, running and growing your own business represents a huge opportunity to build the life and business of your dreams.

There are about 5m businesses in the UK and 99% of them employ less than 50 people. With the opportunity of building your own business comes the excitement and rewards of success together with many challenges along the way. My purpose is to be there alongside you helping you meet these challenges head-on and overcome them to see your business fly.

  • Financial – ensuring the financial management of your business is well organised and sound and meets the needs of your growing business now and in the future;
  • Strategic planning – defining goals, anticipating market changes, developing new products and services
  • Decision-making – overcoming the inertia of procrastination
  • Implementing change
  • Communicating effectively with all business stakeholders – internally and externally
  • Improving your leadership and management skills
  • Growing your sales and profitability
  • Managing the pressures of being the boss through building and maintaining your motivation
  • Work/Life Balance – avoiding work becoming your life
Frequently Asked Questions

Can a coach help increase profits?

Whilst there are many areas of a business owners life that a coach can help improve, one of the main goals that I work on is how to make sure there’s more profit in your pocket at the end of the year. The journey to additional profit starts with a BIG vision, then identifying the major goals, setting action plans and consistently hitting the targets you’ve set. Your business coach is there to support you on this journey.

What do I need to invest?

Investment decisions are critical to enabling business owners to realise their potential, whether it’s in new technology, additional team members, new products and services or entering new markets. Every investment decision needs to achieve a return, so a well thought out plan is essential. Spending time with a business coach is an effective way of considering your options and arriving at the right investment decision quicker than if you are working on your own – especially given the day to day stresses of managing your business.

Can a business coach help plan for retirement?

In the majority of businesses, at some point, a business owner will want to retire and the earlier the retirement plan is established the better. This will mean very different things to different owners and a business coach can help you start to set out the vision for your retirement, take the necessary actions to generate additional profits and ensure you engage with the right professional advisors, such as financial planners and business sale agents.

Will I have more time?

This is a very common area for business owners to work on, as they are often working very long hours, juggling a lot of balls to keep their business going to provide the income they require. It can be a very rewarding career but also very stressful, so managing their personal work/life balance is very important. Reducing time stresses is a key area that a business coach will work with the owner on and this starts with understanding the structure of an owner’s typical week/month, identifying where time can be created through investment or delegation and working on ensuring that everyone in their business team is pulling on the rope. There are many, many strategies a business owner can employ to manage their time better and by doing so will unlock the opportunities to further grow the business and reduce their time in the business.

What does it cost?

Engaging with a business coach will vary in terms of the nature of the support provided and the time you spend with your coach. The important element is to be clear that the benefits you are looking to achieve by working with a coach will deliver a satisfactory return on your investment. This should be clearly discussed with your coach at the outset of your work together. For details of the pricing to work with me, you can either call me on 07504 503 732, send me a message HERE or join me on one of my FREE EVENTS.

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